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thermal printing

Model: lanyard different colors
S.R 15
Ex Tax:S.R 15
Model: thermal printing
Puncture specifications:Heart shape- Number of pieces 23The dimensions of the puncture are 17 by 17 centimeters- High resolution HD printingMade of treated wood..
S.R 75
Ex Tax:S.R 65
Model: thermal printing
【LCD DISPLAY】: Intelligent large temperature display screen. It is easy to understand the internal temperature of the liquid by touching the LED screen. It is not necessary to pass the mouth to check the temperature and avoid burns. 360-degree rotation, no need to worry about water leakage, and the ..
S.R 60
Ex Tax:S.R 60
Model: Metal pen printing
Printing and engraving pens availableuv printingLaser engraving..
S.R 11
Ex Tax:S.R 11
Model: Office flagpole printing
طباعة سارية علم مكتب..
S.R 100
Ex Tax:S.R 100
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